I’ve been all over the place this month. One week I had a massive 4 lb gain, then followed this the next with a 3½ lb loss. But I am disappointed with an overall 3 lb gain. I need to get my act together and decide what I really want!

Why does weight loss reach a plateau, as mine has done? One reason is not following the eating plan properly, thinking that an extra treat here and there won’t hurt. The trouble is, one thing leads to another and suddenly you’re way over your allowance! I’ve definitely been guilty of this.

Another problem is being too much of a perfectionist and then beating yourself up when you have a slip up. This can lead to a ‘throw it all in and give up’ attitude. I used to be guilty of this, though I think I’ve learned to be more forgiving of myself in recent years.

Being scared of success and sabotaging weight loss efforts when the end is in sight is another cause for plateau-ing. I’ve definitely done this in the past, which is one reason why my many weight loss attempts have never resulted in me ever reaching target, though I’ve got close. I don’t think I’m doing this at the moment. For one thing, I am nowhere near target yet!

Finally, we can plateau by losing faith in the eating plan, maybe feeling tempted to try out other current trends. This thought has definitely crossed my mind. Even though I have lost three stones following this eating plan, I have also had many disappointing weigh ins, and part of me wonders if it will ever take me to my goal weight.

Despite all this, I’ve decided to try again and follow the eating plan 100%. The longer it goes on, the harder I’m finding it, so I know I must get a move on. I want to lose 10 lbs in time for my holiday in five weeks time, and for a certain top to fit more comfortably. Watch this space!

          Your Mystery Slimmer