I seem to be in a vicious circle of lose a few, gain a few, and I really must break it. Looking at a graph the other day of my weight loss journey, I noted that the most productive period was an 18-week stint when I shed nearly 1.5 stones. I didn’t have big losses but they were consistent. I know that consistency is one of the keys to success, but all I’m consistent at right now is following a loss with a gain. I’m fighting really hard to overcome feelings of despondency and discouragement.

We have been encouraged in slimming group to make a Christmas weight-loss wish. A month ago I thought I could be two stones lighter. Five weeks down the line and with a three pound gain, I am now hopeful of a 20lbs loss. At the time of writing, there are ten weeks until Christmas Day – that’s 2lbs per week.

In my wardrobe I have a party dress that I bought myself LAST year in the lead up to Christmas, believing I would have lost enough weight to fit into it. So, now the goal is to slim into it for the party season THIS year! When I was younger I was always buying clothes to slim into. Many of them got thrown out before they’d ever seen the light of day. A few months ago, during one of my motivated spells, I cleared my wardrobe of many clothes, believing I’d be too small for them come winter, so I’d better get a move on if I want to justify that rash act!

Right now, the motivation to lose weight isn’t all about wanting to look slimmer and feel fitter. What is also important is the boost it will give to my confidence and self esteem to know that I have overcome weaknesses and bad habits that have plagued me for years. It isn’t just the change in appearance that leads successful slimmers to feel that they can conquer the world, but the knowledge that they have overcome huge challenges. I know, because I have been there. Now it’s time to feel that way again.

Your Mystery Slimmer