I’ve been reflecting this month on what it is that motivates me. A friend told me many years ago that she stuck up pictures of herself looking fat to keep herself motivated to lose weight. My sister was once horrified by a photo of herself taken on an evening when she thought she looked good. She didn’t recognise herself and this drove her to shed the pounds.

However, pictures of myself looking big tend to have the opposite effect on me. They make me feel depressed and despondent. So I prefer to find photos of me looking slimmer as a reminder of what I am aiming to achieve. And if I don’t have a slim photo of myself, I use one of other people instead!

It is a fact that some people respond to the ‘stick’ approach to improve behaviour, whilst others prefer the ‘carrot’ approach. The ‘stick’ is based on fear of punishment whilst the ‘carrot’ promises rewards instead. Whilst I am definitely an advocate of the carrot, I do accept that there are some merits in the stick approach. One member of my slimming class has maintained a loss of four and a half stones for over seven years. It is definitely the fear of regaining the weight that has helped keep it off.

So, where am I today with all of this? I’m a bit frustrated with another gain this month. I lost weight for three consecutive weeks, then undid all that hard work with a big gain after a week away. Why is it that it is ten times easier to gain weight than it is to lose it? Another of life’s injustices!

But despite the recent disappointing results, I am feeling hopeful and positive. I am looking forward to Christmas, when I hope to be around two stones lighter. I wrote last month about how much better it feels being three stones lighter, but now I’m desperate to know how it feels to be five stones lighter! Watch this space!

Your Mystery Slimmer