A 1.5lb loss isn’t exactly setting the world alight, but it’s all mine and I’m hanging on to it! If only I’d hung on to all those pounds I’ve lost over the years, I’d probably weight in at minus 15 stones instead of the weight I am now. Oh well!

So, last month I joined the gym and started to swim regularly. I am pleased to report that I have kept it up and am swimming two to three times a week for around an hour each time.

It has been much easier than I expected and I am reaping the benefits. My arthritic knees have stopped aching and my right shoulder, which had started to click and crunch and experience restricted movement, feels almost normal again.

I would continue swimming for these reasons alone, but it also makes me feel great, and I always sleep like a baby on the nights I swim!

I visit the pool early in the morning and it is usually quite busy with people of all ages and sizes. I am by far one of the slowest swimmers there, and I’ve been reflecting on this recently.

I can’t help drawing comparisons between my experience as a swimmer and my life as a slimmer. I am a bit of a plodder at both. While I try my hardest to swim as fast as I can, I still see other swimmers speed past me, seemingly without effort. I don’t know why my attempts don’t bring in similar results, and in some ways I don’t care. I don’t visit the pool to compete with other swimmers. I am there to get fit and to improve my own performance. What really matters to me is that I reach the end of the pool, turn and do it again – and again. Swimming fast isn’t my objective. Finishing is, and I know that will happen if I just keep going.

So, I will apply this same attitude to my weight loss attempts and just keep going. Eventually, I will reach target – my weight loss finishing line!

        Your Mystery Slimmer