It’s three years ago since I first hit my current weight, and I’ve been hovering around there ever since, give or take a few pounds. Whilst I’ve been riding this weight loss/weight gain seesaw, I’ve seen numerous friends shed the pounds and achieve their targets. Just yesterday, two of them announced on Facebook that they’d done it and showed off certificates to prove it!

I’m happy for them – really happy. I know that the road hasn’t been easy for some. One is a friend who was diagnosed with ME 30 years ago. The condition caused her to gain weight and she truly thought she’d never be able to lose it, but she has and she looks and feels great!

I bumped into another young friend last week who has lost six stones, along with her sister. Their mum has lost over 5 stones. These success stories are encouraging and inspiring, but I’ve decided that I no longer want to be a spectator, applauding the efforts and successes of others! I want to be the one getting those weight loss awards and achieving my long held dreams!

I was asked this week by my consultant to find pictures of myself before I started my weight loss journey. I confess that there aren’t many. I used to shy away from the camera, or position myself behind others so that I couldn’t be seen. But I’ve found a few, and I’m amazed at the difference!

After a while you can get used to the improvements in yourself and perhaps even start to take them for granted, but looking at these photos has reminded me of how much better I look and feel with 3 stones off, and has created in me a desire to take things forward and work towards losing the next three stones.

My immediate goal is to lose a stone by the end of October. I’m a little nervous about setting a time limit but I’m going to do my best!

          Your Mystery Slimmer