I very nearly didn’t write this month. I’m not in a good place and didn’t feel I had anything new or interesting to say. For so long I have been in this cycle of lose a little, gain a little, that I am starting to wonder if it will ever change. It’s like a bad habit that has crept up on me and I’m at a crossroads. Am I going to allow this to continue or am I going to commit to some lasting changes?

My consultant always says that it takes just two good days on plan to get you back into the swing of things, so after giving myself a good talking to this morning, I’ve decided to give it another go. I was not born to roll over and give up!

When I met Rosemary Conley on the set of Richard and Judy over 20 years ago, she advised me to ask myself ‘What do I want most?’ when faced with the temptation to eat fattening foods. It’s important to remind ourselves often of the reasons we have for wanting to lose weight. It will help put things into perspective and establish priorities that will bring the results we want.

I want to lose weight because I want more energy, I want to look and feel younger, I want to wear fashionable clothes, I want to be able to play sport and be active, I want to protect my health, I want more confidence. The list goes on.

I’m inspired by my daughter who joined a gym a year ago because she felt physically ‘yuk’. Her motivation has got her out of the house three times weekly during the cold, dark winter months because she knows exercise makes her feel great.

I know that if I can stick with it long enough to lose just half a stone, I’ll start to feel great again. I’ll start with those two days, taking it a meal at a time. Then I’ll aim for two weeks on plan. Some people say you need will power. My consultant always says it just takes choice power. What do I want most? The choice is mine!

        Your Mystery Slimmer