My swimming has been hit and miss this month, and I think this is the reason I have gained 1.75 inches in spite of losing 4lbs! I am totally gobsmacked by this! If I ever needed added motivation and incentive to keep up with regular swimming, this is it!

I’ve mentioned previously that swimming has helped my arthritic knees. At my worst, I couldn’t kneel without experiencing pain and struggled to stand up again if I did. But all this has become a thing of the past since swimming regularly. However, recently I have noticed niggles starting to return, so I shall be back in the pool next week with a vengeance!

My slimming consultant is always encouraging class members to get more active, but few commit to exercise with the same gusto as they do the eating plan. Several are elderly and have limited mobility, but it seems that generally people don’t like the thought of exercise.

I guess it depends on what we consider to be fun. My daughter comes home from the gym with stories of what she’s been put through during her kettlebell class. I’m horrified and would consider it torture, yet she loves it!

Health professionals say that to remain or become more healthy, adults aged 19-64 should engage in daily activity, and that they should do at least 150 minutes of moderate activity weekly and strength exercises on at least two days. So in practice this might mean walking briskly, cycling or swimming for half an hour 5 times a week. Strength exercises work all the major muscles and might involve push ups or weights, but could just as easily mean hard gardening like digging.

I personally love being active. I find it lifts my spirits as well as tones my muscles. Combined with healthy eating, I know it is the way forward.

         Your Mystery Slimmer