For the last two weeks I’ve been very focused, and I’m still feeling strong and determined. I want to end the year on a high!

I’ve gone through positive phases like this before, but one thing has proven my downfall – a failure to plan. The first thing a weight loss plan must include is a menu – not necessarily for every meal, but for at least the main meal of the day.

For weeks I have been struggling to sit down and plan a menu. It was almost as if I had a mental block about doing it. Then suddenly a couple of weeks ago I took out a pad and started writing. Within half an hour I’d listed around thirty main meals that all the family enjoy, and what do you know? I now have a menu planned for the next four weeks!

I can’t begin to explain how this has changed my frame of mind. Before, when dinner time approached, I would start feeling anxious, knowing I had to come up with an idea for a meal. It usually involved flicking through recipe books to find inspiration. Often, after choosing a recipe, I would discover I didn’t have the correct ingredients in, which meant having to start again.

Sometimes I’d start preparing the meal late, and because I was over hungry I’d pick at foods close to hand, which were often laden with calories. Also, for ease I’d turn to old favourites, which I’d eventually get bored of. This gave me an excuse to wander off course and pick at the wrong type of food.

With a plan now in place I feel much more in control, happy and relaxed! I like knowing what I’m having for dinner, and actually look forward to my meals. I don’t want to nibble and ruin my appetite because I want to fully savour what I eat. I’m also enjoying a greater variety of foods. If you haven’t made a menu, please do it. It works!

          Your Mystery Slimmer