Oh dear. Another month with not much to show for it. Where does it all go wrong? I remember my consultant asking me this more than once. “You’re so determined when you leave group each week. Where does it all start going wrong for you?”

The fact is, I don’t always know. I actually follow the eating plan for 90% or more of the time, but I learned a long time ago that to nearly do it isn’t enough. I need to really do it. I’ve been promised many times that if I follow the eating plan 100% I will lose weight. If I don’t, I won’t (or I won’t lose as much as I’d like).

So, can I do it? Can I commit to following the plan 100% of the time? Sometimes it’s hard. This past month we’ve had three family birthdays to celebrate, and in addition I’ve been invited to dinner at friends’ homes. Three meals out in 8 days – it’s bound to have some repercussions. So what am I meant to do? Become a social hermit and spend every night in front of the TV nibbling carrot sticks? I don’t want to stop having a social life and I don’t see why I should!

From the start, I’ve been taught that I need to make changes to my eating habits that I can maintain for the rest of my life. It depressed me at first, realising that there were some things I would simply never be able to eat again to my heart’s content, but I’ve learned to accept it. I’ve also been taught that it is possible to enjoy social occasions and even indulge now and then, as long as I maintain control and set a limit to what I eat. I enjoy this feeling of being in control, and despite the results on the scales, there have been many times this month when I have been able to say no and walk away from food that in the past has called out to me and enticed me to eat it.

So will I give it 100% this month? I’ll try.

              Your Mystery Slimmer