OK, so my experiment this month didn’t really work! I was planning on not finding out my weight each week, but at the first weigh in I accidentally caught sight of a one pound gain, and that was that!

Small though it may be, this month’s 1.5lb loss has taken me to my lightest weight in over 20 years, and that I am absolutely thrilled about! I may be on a very slow weight loss journey, but one thing I am sure about – this weight loss is here to stay. And that means everything to me.

I’ve had lots of compliments this month. It gives me such a boost to be told how slim I am looking. Of course, I’m far too aware of all the bumps and lumps beneath my clothing, but I still love being told I look great. Who wouldn’t?!

I’m also noticing what are described in group as ‘non-scale’ victories. It is so important to spot these, especially on weeks when the scales are not kind to you. So, over the past month I have noticed that my boots are so much looser! When I bought them a couple of years ago I struggled to pull them all the way up to my knee. Now they are flapping around with room to spare!

A ring my husband bought for me several years ago that would only fit my pinkie now spins around my ring finger. I tried on a dress that has been tucked away in the loft for over 20 years, and it fits perfectly! Of course, when I first put it away I never dreamed it would take this long to fit into it again, and I’m lucky that the style has come back into fashion!

Other non-scale victories include having more energy, more confidence, more love of life, and a boot-load of ‘lesses’ too – less discomfort, less pain, less flatulence, less self doubt! So I’m feeling happy today, and so very hopeful that next month – finally – I will be able to reach that 4 stone landmark.

Your Mystery Slimmer