I can’t begin to explain how good it feels to finally report PROGRESS in my weight loss journey! I am now officially at my lightest since I joined my slimming club and I feel as though the tide has finally turned. It was that young lady who inspired me to do better. She probably has no idea how her commitment to her own weight loss has helped, but I will be forever grateful!

So, now that I’m back on track, I’m feeling optimistic again about what’s ahead, and my mind is filling up with dreams and plans for the future me! How I want to wear that blouse my daughter bought me for Mother’s Day that was just too tight across the chest, or how I’d love to buy a pair of jeans in a size 14 and wave goodbye to size 16s forever!

Having a dream has always been important to me. When I first joined my slimming group, I was asked what weight I would LOVE to be. Not everyone knows, but I did! I’d like to weight 11 stones, which is at the top of the recommended healthy weight range for my height, but I’d love to weigh 10st 10lbs and sit just under that 11 stone mark.

Even though I’ve had that dream since day one, it took me a while to actually  believe it could happen. After you have so many failed attempts at losing weight, your confidence in your ability to lose weight and keep it off starts to waver. It took a long time for me to get that belief back, but it is that belief that has kept me going these past few years whilst my weight loss has been at a virtual standstill. I’ve never stopped believing that I can do it, and now I WILL!

So, I’ve got my mojo back and although my hopes are high I am going to keep them realistic. This isn’t a race. As long as I lose regularly and consistently I will get there, hopefully this year!

              Your Mystery Slimmer