I’ve been inspired this month by a young lady at my slimming group who has lost 13.5lbs in three weeks. What’s more, when it was Mother’s Day (she’s a mum) she also celebrated her birthday that week and yet still chalked up a whopping 5.5lbs loss. What??? This is almost (well actually totally) unheard of in my world!

But I’ve been thinking about her determination to succeed and achieve her goals. Even though her family bought her chocolates, she readily gave them away because it was more important to her to lose the weight than it was to satisfy any cravings she might have for ‘the brown stuff’!

It all comes down to a matter of choice. Once again, the words of my consultant come ringing in my ears: “It’s not about will power. It’s about choice power!” When I met Rosemary Conley on The Richard and Judy Show (you can tell it was a while back!) I remember her encouraging me to ask myself, “What do you want most?”  before reaching for those favourite fattening foods that were guaranteed to pile on the pounds.

Increasingly, I do feel I am able to make that choice. There was a time when I felt out of control and incapable of saying ‘No’ to foods that called out to me, but now I can often turn my back on them and choose ‘slim’ over ‘sin’!

So, if I’ve made all those changes and good choices, why am I still overweight? As I said last month, for 90% of the time I’m a saint and not a sinner, but the other 10% is preventing me from losing. Often, it is when I’m celebrating special occasions or on social nights out that I struggle. Generally I do OK. So, this month I’m taking inspiration from my young friend, and have committed to saying ‘no’ to foods that will put my weight loss at risk – even on special occasions. What I want most is a slim, fit and healthy body!

              Your Mystery Slimmer