We can’t have been the only Morris dancing team anxiously looking at the weather forecast for the previous couple of days. Perhaps Skye would have a more positive one than the BBC?

On the morning of 1st May, drawing back the curtains and peering out of the window, it didn’t look too bad. Dull, but fine. However, by the time breakfast was over, it was raining. A wet journey then to the Dukeries Garden Centre, our first dance spot of the May Day tour. Off the coach, on with macs and up with brollies.

As we walked to the allocated dancing site, the rain petered out and the clouds began to lift. Brollies down and macs off. They do say the sun shines on the righteous…

Our second new member made her debut in the first dance of the morning, dancing Guisburn extremely well. After dancing in turn with Harthill Morris we travelled to our lunch spot in glorious sunshine. A walk along the river and a quick dance from both sides and off again to Thoresby Hall, near Ollerton.

We danced in a very warm courtyard at the hall to an appreciative crowd. Six of the team danced “Mill Race”, a dance we had found very difficult to learn. The first time we danced it out, we got into a terrible muddle. Practice makes perfect and it went off without a hitch. Phew! It was lovely to see some retired members come to watch us. The non-dancers enjoyed a little retail therapy or a look round the museum and most of us cooled off at the end of the spot with a welcome ice cream.

Our final dance spot of the day was at Clumber Park. The wonderful sunshine had brought out the crowds and we had a large audience watching us. Although our legs were tiring we did our best with smiles on our faces and knees high.

The last dance of the day was an open invitation for audience and all team members to join in with “Bonnie Green”. There were so many from the audience participating that they more than outnumbered the teams. A great day out in lovely weather, lots of dancing, lively music, laughter and enjoyment. What more can one ask?

If you would like to join us, or find out more phone Lesley on 01909 770129.

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