In April 2016 I was walking over the meadows at Todwick and found three abandoned ponies. There was no water, food or stables, just a dried-up stream, so I went back daily with a bucket of water, some carrots and apples.

After doing some research, I started to buy them food that met their dietary requirements. I did this alone for a month and then two friends helped to feed and water these innocent ponies. I bought large round hay bales which were well received.

In September, two piebald mares turned up. We fed them but noticed one was not gaining weight. In January the pony died and the vet diagnosed worms. I then had to worm all the remaining animals otherwise they would have died too.

I started  the Todwick Ponies page in order to raise awareness and funds and soon had the cash to build a beautiful stable. In May we had a further increase in the animal family – Corky. Coraine, George and Toby (other volunteers) and I agreed to pay £100 per month to rent a larger field to keep him safe. Gertie the donkey, who was badly neglected, also came, along with Georgia.

Things were now getting critical so we rented another field for three more arrivals – Del, Rodney and Boysey. Feed, insurance, fencing and another stable were ongoing costs.

I was asked to rescue four horses before they were shot, so took on another field. By now we had nine animals, all with zero per cent body fat. Recently another nine ponies, along with Meghan a Shetland, have arrived and electric fencing has been installed. The centre operates with the help of donors and volunteers who give their time freely. Thanks go to them.

There are many ongoing costs and help in any form would be most gratefully received.

Janine, Founder of TAK, Emergency phone 07970 488737