When Greenlands Tenants and Residents Association was launched in 2006 we asked what would improve our area of benefit, which includes Greenlands Park. At the top of the list were more footpaths in the park. We knew it would be costly and we set about obtaining quotations and sourcing grants, working in partnership with RMBC’s Green Spaces and adhering to the Master Plan for the park.

We learned that Tarmac has a policy of engaging proactively with communities and supports appropriate local projects and charities within ten miles of one of their landfill sites – Dane Hill in Retford, Notts.- which meant we were eligible.

Despite stiff competition for funding because the demand for grants is high, with support from the council’s Green Spaces section, we obtained two major grants from Tarmac’s Landfill Communities Fund and work commenced. That was a good day for Greenlands TARA and everyone else involved in this project.

We have had very positive feedback about the paths and the extra benches provided by Green Spaces. They have made the park more attractive and accessible to parents with young children, older folk, and people with limited mobility. More dog walkers and joggers use the paths, increasing the footfall for the park, which discourages antisocial behaviour and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

New committee members are welcome. Contact: tara@yahoo.co.uk or 07770 402663.