I write and self illustrate children’s books and donate all profits to wildlife charities, and have so far raised £2,000 for different wildlife rescues and sanctuaries.

Two years ago I got the idea to start a story and then circulate the book for others to continue it. Participants were asked to pass the book onto someone who was happy and willing to write inside and follow the story before passing it to someone else.

The last person to write inside was to send the book back in order for me to read and check it over, illustrate it and hopefully sell it to raise money for charity.

Unfortunately, the book has become lost, and despite posting updates on my Facebook page and setting up a specific page for the book I’ve heard nothing.

It would be wonderful to find the book to see how far the story has gone and how far it has travelled around the UK. I’d like to make someone smile with the finished story and also raise some money.

Please contact me at lovebushhog@aol.co.uk if you think you can help me to trace my book. Also, please feel free to visit my Facebook page to see the sort of things that I do.

Victoria, Bush-Hog Tails