Charlie, a beloved blue-fronted Amazon parrot, went missing from the Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife & Falconry Centre in North Anston on Wednesday 29th March whilst flying in the Bird Display Arena. It’s believed that the wind picked her up and flew her off course, and then she couldn’t find her way back.

Charlie used to be a pet. however the wildlife centre took her in 17 years ago, and she is much loved by staff and visitors alike. The Centre posted their plea to help find her on social media, and members of the community shared the post and went out looking for her.

Charlie was due to celebrate her 19th birthday on 31 March, so the staff at the Butterfly House were happy to hear from lots of people the day before her birthday, to say the she had been found. Charlie was in the car park at Tesco, Dinnington, eating chocolate digestives!

Charlie is now happily settled back at the wildlife centre and to celebrate her return and her 19th birthday the zookeepers made her a special cake from her usual diet of fruit, veg and mixed seeds.

It was an emotional few days for the staff at The Tropical Butterfly House, who love and care for all the animals.