Many of us would like more room but feel unwilling or unable to move house or invest in an extension in today’s economic climate. So is that the end of our dreams? It doesn’t have to be. Erecting a wooden structure at the end of the garden can solve a number of space related issues without having to cost the earth.

For around £3,000 you could enjoy the benefits of an additional room in your home (a saving of around £7,000-12,000 on a brick built version). A fully insulated summer house, with its own floor and windows and its own electricity supply, could serve a number of purposes to the discerning home owner – from a home office to a fully fitted gym, guest room or simply somewhere for you to escape the hustle and bustle of the home.

Outdoor wood-built rooms do not require planning permission nor building regulations and can be fully operational in about six weeks from the time of order. In addition, they can be built to your own specification and are fully portable – so that when you do eventually move, you can take your room with you!

All this makes erecting a wooden ‘shed’ at the bottom of your garden a really sound investment.

Debbie Singh-Bhatti