Earphones are small and cheap and fit conveniently into a bag or pocket – great if you are on the move – but they can be uncomfortable, are prone to fall out and may not provide the best sound reproduction. If it is comfort and sound quality you’re after, headphones are the answer!

The most common headphones have a connecting band that goes over the head, but if you like to jog or wear a hat or glasses, a behind-the-neck pair might be better – plus they won’t mess up your hair or irritate ear piercings!

Full sized headphones offer better sound quality – particularly bass reproduction – along with options such as wireless or Bluetooth. They also exert less pressure on the ear drum which means you can safely listen for longer.

Headphones come open-backed or closed. Closed headphones cover the entire ear and are great for sound isolation, but they can get really hot. Open-backed headphones rest over the ear and allow noise in and out – useful if worn in an office or during outdoor activities where you need to keep aware of your environment.

Select models with a larger frequency range and match their impedance (measured in ohms) with that of the audio equipment for best sound quality. But above all, use your ears! If the headphones sound OK to you, buy them – even if they are cheaper!