The Tropical Butterfly House welcomes a new arrival – an American alligator called Jackson, on loan from Crocodiles of the World, the UK’s only crocodile zoo.

American Alligators can live to be 35-50 years old in the wild (60-80 years in captivity), and can grow to up to just over 12 feet long! But Jackson is still a baby at 2 years old and is only 16 inches long at the moment.

Visitors can meet Jackson during some of the twice daily Exotic Animal Encounters, along with lots of other amazing creatures including Snakes, Insects, Lizards, and adorable Hedgehog-like Tenrec.

There are only 2 species of Alligator in the world: the Chinese Alligator and the American Alligator. The Chinese Alligator is sadly critically endangered in the wild. The Tropical Butterfly House is raising money through the sale of wristbands for the Chinese Alligator Fund, which aims to secure and improve existing habitats, continue the Chinese Alligator breeding programme, and set up education and ecotourism projects.

The Tropical Butterfly House has an array of reptiles on display in the Butterfly House and Nocturnal Room, including two adult Caiman Crocodiles.