Christmas without turkey is a bit like stew without dumplings or gin without  tonic, but if yours is disappointingly dry and overcooked, why not look at an alternative this Christmas?

Goose is tender, full of flavour, relatively cheap and a 4kg bird should easily feed six people. Sometimes considered fatty, prick the skin well and pour off the surplus fat an hour into cooking to solve this problem.

Roast duck is much smaller, meaning it will cook faster than a huge turkey or goose. Moist and strongly flavoured, one duck feeds four so don’t plan on serving one up if you’re hosting a huge party of extended family!

Beef is quick and easy to cook and as you can buy whatever amount you need, it is suitable for gatherings both large and small. Allow 500g of rib of beef per person (including the bone) and glaze the top to keep it moist.

Why not give venison a try? A very lean meat, consumption is currently on the increase and it can be purchased at good butchers. A more exotic option is ostrich. It tastes like good quality beef fillet and requires little cooking.

Other possibilities are ham, lamb, partridge and pheasant. So go on, stuff the turkey this Christmas and try something different for your festive feast!