As the front cover of the book says: enter a world of secrets, mysteries and magic.

We begin with a murder. Reve kills her husband, Jeremy: on stage, in front of an audience. But she doesn’t murder him. Reve and Jeremy are a magic act performing on the Vegas Strip and the highlight of their act is ‘Defying the bullets’, but it is one of those bullets that will kill him.

What at first appears to be a murder mystery of who swapped the bullets soon becomes something else as the grief-stricken Reve and her three daughters leave Las Vegas and return to her ancestral home in New England: a now-deserted hamlet of homes called Hawley Five Corners. Requested to return by her Nan she is told to ‘remember the story of the Fetch’.

Drawing on old Irish mythology of the Fetch, the Tuatha De Danann and Tír na nÓg, this novel draws you into this strange corner of the world where children in the 1920s disappeared, some reappeared several months later but most were never seen again. Reve discovers an old book in the house which appears to be full of blank pages. Only sometimes when she opens it there is writing, and the book gives her an insight into who she really is and the history of her family. Then further tragedy strikes as her teenage twin daughters go missing. Have they disappeared just like the earlier inhabitants of Hawley Five Corners, never to be seen again, or is there something more mundane going on? What is the truth behind the land her ancestors occupied and what will Reve do to keep her own children safe from the Fetch? What will be the ‘great reveal’ at the end of the act?